An album that showcases 200 different plants growing in the island of Kythera, south Greece.

Here are some of the printing facts for this work that took 5 years to complete:
Three types of ecological and biodegradable papers were used.
Bookmark contains seeds of wild flowers. Just water it and will grow 🙂
6 typographic colors in order to have a crispier result in monochromes.
To keep colors intact over time, a coating of water varnish was used in all pages, which acts as a protective transparent film.
Highly resistance bookbinding with inserted cotton – instead of paper – clothbound printed with gold lettering.
Content map has been shooted after having waited for four months for the grass to grow in the desired shape of the island.
The titles openings each season are handmade mosaics made by tiles and mortar. The idea was that the writing of the mosaic looks like a path connected with the title of the book, “Τhe bee’s path”.


Creative Direction: Antonis Lourantos
Graphic Design: Alkis Hazordich
Research: Dimitris Leventis, Georgia Kalligerou
2d Intern: Nefeli Spiliotatakou