The Psychiatric Reform movement promotes the dignified living of the mentally ill within the community. The way we place our look on the weakest, reflects the ability of our civilization to create bonds. One of the most principal obstacles for the accomplishment of this attempt, stands the distorted and popularized figure of the «crazy». The Stigma – a dividing mark that excludes someone from the group of society.

In Genesis, God stigmatized Cain after the fratricide that he committed, in order to marginalize him from his fellows. Similarly, during the Third Reich, Jewish, Polish and Romani people were marked with a number that symbolized their exclusion and namely, their death. Primo Levi (prisoner in Auschwitz) claimed that the feeling of being, greatly depends on the others’ look upon us: we can also characterize as inhuman that experience of someone who has lived in days, where he’s been an object in front of human eyes.

Our action is connected with that kind of humanized look. An effort to approach a more human, more civilized and finally more realistic transmission of what mental illness is about and is notified at a time that, as a society, we are negotiating with many forms of diversity and exclusion. Therefore, let us be «anyone», who doesn’t face the other as an object, but as «anyONE».